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Criminal Defense

We specialize in representing clients charged with crimes in Central Washington.  At Couture Law Firm, Inc., over 95% of our practice is Criminal Defense.  We know how to navigate the court process and minimize consequences. 

Lyliane Couture defends cases before administrative Hearing Officers and Judges in Municipal, District, Juvenile, and Superior Courts.  We have been protecting the rights of criminal defendants in Central Washington since 2008 and appear in Court in Grant County, Kittitas County, Adams County, Douglas County, and Chelan County.   

Because we also expunge criminal charges, we know how to minimize consequences from the beginning.  We have helped Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants, HR Managers, Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Teachers, Lawyers, Farmers, and countless others.  If you are worried about a particular consequence from your arrest, we are here to help. 

We can help you protect your rights and fight any administrative hearing that may accompany your criminal charge.  We can help fight an administrative finding of abuse or neglect.  We regularly litigate forfeiture hearings under RCW 69.50.505.  And we defend Driver's Licensing suspension hearings against the Department of Licensing.  If necessary, we can also appeal your administrative hearing to Superior Court.    

Our pricing is Flat Fee, and our rates are based upon the seriousness of the charge.  We do not charge more for trial because we don't want clients to settle to avoid trial fees.  If you are from out of the area we can try to minimize your court appearances and can arrange phone consultations.  Initial consultations are free for the first 30 minutes for all criminal cases.