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Domestic Violence

At Couture Law Firm, Inc., we are ready to help you clear your name and defend your rights.  Lyliane Couture has had great success in obtaining dismissals on Domestic Violence charges.  Often we can gather evidence, take statements, and work with witnesses to present accurate evidence and convince prosecutors to dismiss charges.  

Most charges of domestic violence cause a defendant to lose their firearm rights.  Call today to save your gun rights and clear your name.  Assault 4 DV, Coercion DV, Stalking DV, Trespass DV, Reckless Endangerment DV, Harassment DV, and Violation of a Domestic Violence Protection Order revoke a Defendant's ability to own, or possess, firearms, ammunition, and body armor. 

As a former prosecutor, Lyliane Couture understands how "advocates" have influenced the laws to benefit their agendas.  As a former prosecutor, Lyliane Couture understands domestic violence laws and has had success getting domestic violence charges dismissed and protection orders terminated.    

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