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Lyliane Couture has extensive experience litigating forfeitures.  As a deputy prosecutor for Grant County, she forfeited over $800,000 of personal property and real estate.  As a Criminal Defense attorney Lyliane Couture has won attorney's fees against multiple jurisdictions for overreaching seizures and procedural violations.  

Forfeiture law is a specialized area of law that requires both civil and criminal law experience.  In order to receive an award of attorney's fees in a forfeiture hearing, the claimant must substantially prevail.  That means that the claimant must win the return of a substantial amount of the seized property.  

Defenses to forfeiture include:

  • Innocent Owner
  • Community Property
  • Property Mortgaged
  • Gift
  • Illegal Search & Seizure
  • Personal Use 
  • Excessive Fine under 8th Amendment to U.S. Constitution
  • Violation of Speedy Forfeiture
  • Collateral Estoppel
  • No probable cause

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