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Protection Orders

At Couture Law Firm, Inc. we are experienced at defending all civil protection orders.  In limited circumstances, we file petitions for protection orders on behalf of our clients and others.  

  • Sexual Assault Protection Order - RCW 7.90
  • Domestic Violence Protection Order - RCW 26.50
  • Anti-Harassment Order - RCW 10.14
  • Vulnerable Adult Protection Order - RCW 7.90
  • Stalking Protection Order - RCW 7.92
  • Extreme Risk Protection Order (Red Flag) - RCW 7.94

When facing a protection order it is imperative to hire an experienced attorney to defend your rights.  Anything that you say or write for a protection order hearing can be used against you in a later criminal proceeding.  It is often impossible for a client to defend themselves without making admissions that can be used against them in a subsequent proceeding.  We know how to gather declarations and prepare a defense without waiving your rights.

A protection order can cause you to lose your firearm rights, weapons, or concealed pistol license under RCW 9.41.800.  Lyliane Couture can advise you how to proceed so you can protect your firearm rights.