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Sex Offenses

Lyliane Couture represents clients, both adult and juvenile, charged with sex crimes in Central Washington.  At Couture Law Firm, Inc., we can represent you before charges are filed, at protection order hearings, and in court.

Nothing is more terrifying than being accused of a sex offense.  The consequences can include jail, parole, prohibitions on contacting children and, sex offender registration.  We are experienced representing clients charged with sex offenses.  We know the level of stress you are experiencing, and we will work tirelessly to investigate your case.  Couture Law Firm, Inc., works with experienced investigators and personally conducts interviews to evaluate witnesses.  Lyliane Couture has experience questioning children in Ryan hearings before the court and interviewing children in a non-threatening manner.  

We have been able to get charges dismissed, negotiate plea bargains that result in lesser charges, and enter clients in Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternatives's (SSOSA's).    

We also file petitions for relief from sex offender registration.  Please see our site at

Do not talk to a police officer or anyone from Child Protective Services (CPS) about any sex offense without contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.