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VUCSA & Drug Crimes

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Many areas of Washington State have deprioritized drug crimes, so much so, suspects are shocked when they are arrested for small amounts of drugs.  Because of this disparity in enforcement, many arrested for drug crimes in Central Washington are first time offenders.  Drug cases are unique in that they take a lot of law enforcement time and money to prosecute, but don't have any victims.  Law Enforcement tries to mitigate this unjustified cost of enforcement by seizing personal property and cash.  

Lyliane Couture is a former drug forfeiture prosecutor for Grant County's drug task force and has been defending drug cases since 2008.  She is familiar with the procedures used by undercover police officers to arrest suspects and seize their property for forfeiture.  She has also been awarded attorney's fees for winning drug forfeiture cases.  Lyliane Couture has a track record of winning drug cases and has even presented at a legal education conference on defending drug forfeiture cases. 

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